Ian Abbott

About Absydigital

Welcome to my site. I created it as both an online CV to showcase my work, career development / learning and also to offer my services to small businesses.

Please Note : There’s still a lot of work to be done – but this is better than a blank maintenance page yeah!

– The top image of the hungry female Leopard was taken on location at Shamwari Game Reserve on my honeymoon in 2014.
Big thanks to Meno the Indian ranger – for getting us so close (but not too close.)

About Me

I am based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and have been self employed since 2010, running an e-commerce business and helping other retailers in the luxury goods trade with their websites and product photography.

I’m on a quest to develop my skills and become an expert in SEO / digital marketing and website design.

I have both a creative and technical background, an A-level in ART and a degree in Music and Technology (presented by Sir Patrick Stewart) and am a Comptia certified IT professional.

Small Business Websites

I see a lot of businesses locally spending A LOT of money on bespoke websites, many look beautiful but surprisingly are sometimes missing key technical features which can affect their search engine ranking. Once produced the client is often just left with a website that looks the part but it cant end there. You have to add fresh content and promote / optimise it to make it work.

On the flip side there are cheap £20 a month solutions –  but if you ignore the constant YouTube adverts and read the reviews… you can see these websites are often slow, on shared servers and have limited capabilities causing poor performance and a great deal of frustration.

I believe I can offer a middle way 

  • The advantages of a professional, modern website, hosted in the UK on fast servers, built on future-proof, regularly updated technology..but without costing tens of thousands.

I believe what matters most is the end result – not how much money a business has spent. 

Find out more about my small business websites..

Note : I am confident my skills and experience can help small businesses and deliver great value, however for the industry veterans reading this, I acknowledge I am only at the start of a journey, I am always learning and there is still long way to go.